Press Reports FAQs

FAQs: Stories in the media about Brockham

1. What was the fuss about?

An Environmental Correspondent for BBC 1 – London News claimed Angus Energy ‘breached’ planning permission granted by the Surrey County Council (SCC).

2. Did you?

Of course not.

As we were unaware of any such concern, we immediately met with the SCC as we value our working relationship and continue to work with the Council on all relevant matters.

The Council has never informed Angus Energy of any non-compliance or breach of planning permission.

3. But the Council told the BBC 1 – London News on March 9th:

“We were extremely disappointed to find out that Angus Energy has acted without planning permission and contrary to our advice and guidance so we are meeting with them this week as a matter of urgency to resolve this.”

We have now filed a complaint with the BBC. This report was deeply flawed and violated the BBC’s own editorial guidelines.

Please note the Council did not tell BBC 1 – London News, any planning harm has actually occurred.

4. We heard a new well was drilled and that would have needed the SCC’s permission.

No new well or borehole has been drilled. Please note, the Brockham Oil Field has been in production for thirty years.

5. I read a website that claims you ignored ‘warnings’.

Any characterisation that Angus Energy deliberately misled its investors and the public or misunderstood clear advice is offensive, wrong and self-serving.

The SCC’s 12 December letter cited by an environmental activist website under the freedom of information act, set out the circumstances in which a specific sidetrack needs planning permission. This letter has been mischaracterized and is not a warning.

The County Council gave advice that any new well was not to be drilled into ‘any different geological formations or to a deeper depth or into any undrilled area than already drilled to’’. Our maintenance operations were conducted in an area already drilled and defined by our existing permits for the wells and their inclusive sidetracks. Taken in the context of our actual communications, this letter is unrelated to our operations in January or the BBC report.

6. How do I know you have done nothing wrong?

We have asked the Queen’s Council (“QC”) to review this matter for the avoidance of and doubt and have presented the findings to the SCC.

The QC has confirmed her considered view that our operations for well BR-X4 (the donor well of the X4Z sidetrack, also known as well no. 3) has planning permission from the SCC until 2036. Similarly, the QC confirms that the sidetrack to Well BR-X4, drilled in January 2017, is authorised by the 2006 planning permission.

For more, please see this link.

7. Will you ever use Hydraulic Fracturing known as “fracking” at Brockham or in the Weald?


8. Is Brockham Field on public land?

No. The field itself makes up less than 1% of a 500 acre private farm. It will not get any larger.

9. Who are Angus Energy?

We are a public company traded on the AIM market. We are committed to communication with all stakeholders. As such, you will find out a lot of information about the company and Brockham Field. Just click through the tabs above.