Brockham Oil Field FAQs

1. Do you ‘frack’ or plan to “frack” at the Brockham Oil Field?

No. We are a conventional oil production company.

2. Are you drilling at Brockham Oil Field?


3. What exactly are you doing?

Angus Energy is turning on the existing well BR-X4Z.

4. What does that mean?

The Company is testing and analysing the Well’s ability to flow oil.

5. If you are not drilling, how will you conduct the test?

Simply put, the Well is drilled therefore all we have to do is ‘turn on the tap’. It is more complex of course, but in many ways, it is similar to turning on a kitchen tap.

6. Do you inject waste water into the well?

No. Production from the Portland reservoir at Brockham is a natural mix of oil and water (the water is not potable, nor is it from an aquifer, it is just part of the reservoir). The water is separated from the oil and placed back where it came from. No water is added nor is the water a waste product.

7. Will you be putting any type of waste water into the reservoir? Any chemicals?


8. Is water extracted from the local aquifers?


There is no ground water abstraction anywhere near the site. The nearest is more than 3km away which is used for irrigation. The wells, which are sealed by cement, do not pass through nor are near any potable water sources.

It is important to note; an independent hydrogeological risk assessment was undertaken in consultation with the Environment Agency. It concluded that the proposed operations will not result in the pollution of surface water, groundwater or water supplies.

9. Will you be continuously flaring?

No. We do not have permission, nor did we seek permission to continuously flare.

However, we have a flare on-sight as a safety measure for emergencies.

We don’t need a flare because we have a better solution. The Company has an agreement with the Oil & Gas Authority (“OGA”) to use this programme to install a generator to capture any gas produced. The power generated will be supplied to the local grid.

10. Will the site be emitting Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)?

No. There is no H2S present therefore none can be released.

11. Will you be using any toxins during the test that can harm the environment?

No toxins will be released because none are present.

However, using the same exact method as water companies, we may use diluted acid to clean the well. The acid is not only organic but it is neutralized. This perfectly safe technique has been used for over hundred years and the same process used for wells providing drinking water.

12. Are you in compliance with future EA requirements, what is being called modern requirements?

Yes. The Environment Agency has issued new modern permits to Angus Energy plc for production at Brockham.

Further information can be found here:

13. In the transition from your old permit to the ‘modern’ EA permit, the EA stated there were “insufficient details” regarding the maintenance activities of acid washing and hot oiling. Why?

We are in communication with the EA regularly. The information is insufficient at this time, relative to all of our other work with the EA. Our activities that may include acid washing or hot oiling will not be introduced into our current programme for months. Naturally, we will provide the information in due course when we have further details such as scale and timing to name a few.

14. The EA has not authorised groundwater activities due to “a lack of suitable information”, what impact will this have?

This will not impact actual operations at Brockham.

The reinjection of produced waters was intended to provide production support for our Portland producing well. As we are moving over to our commercial testing programme of the Kimmeridge layers, we will be temporary shutting in the Portland well. Any waste water generated on site will be taken away off site by an EA approved waste carrier to an EA approved waste facility.

As part of our constant dialogue with the EA, the Company will work with EA to further satisfy their requirements.

15. Does the ‘modern’ permit change any of your current activities and the planned commercial flow test at Brockham?

There is no change.

16. Are you using any new or controversial techniques?

No. We do not frack. The entire operation is using techniques that have been used for the last hundred years. They are well understood, tried tested and very safe.

17. How will your commercial testing programme affect your closest neighbours?

The Brockham Oil Field has been in production for over 30 years. Nothing changes.

The field occupies less than 1% of a 500 acre private farm and cannot be seen from public roads. We fully expect that our Kimmeridge programme will have a negligible impact.

We invite you to watch this video.


If Brockham residents have additional questions, please call or email the Company at the following:

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Brockham Tel: 0203 974 2991