As a responsible OGA approved and EA permitted UK operator, Angus Energy is committed to utilising industry best practices and achieving the highest standards of environmental management and safety. Our operations:

  • Continuously assess and monitor environmental impact
  • Promote internally and across our industry best practices for environmental management and safety
  • Constant attention to maintaining our exemplary track record of safe oil and gas


The Environment Agency has previously granted installation permits to operators of onshore oil and gas production facilities for crude oil unloading, handling or storage, or treatment under the Pollution Prevention and Control (England and Wales) Regulations 2000. During 2008, these permits automatically became environmental permits under the environmental permitting regime. This regime was expanded in 2010 and is now covered by the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016 (the 2016 Regulations).

Environment Agency’s Approach

The Environment Agency commenced a project to update the permits granted before 1 October 2013 to operators of existing onshore oil and gas facilities, in a manner consistent with the Environment Agency’s regulatory approach for new onshore oil and/or gas exploration or appraisal facilities

Existing Permitting Activities

The Environment Agency will not take enforcement action against operators of pre-existing facilities, for the period prior to the determination of their application(s), for not having the necessary environmental permit(s).

Environmental permit applications submitted by Angus Energy

To comply with Regulatory Position Statement (RPS) 392 Angus Energy like all other operators of existing onshore oil and gas production facilities has submitted environmental permit applications to allow the Environment Agency to update their existing permits. The applications submitted by Angus Energy state the activities that would occur on site under production operations and maintenance operations, as covered by the original permits that were issued before these applications were made under RPS 392.

Regulatory Position Statement 392

The regulatory position statement Angus Energy are complying to can be found in the link below: