Key Facts:

Licence PEDL005 (Saltfleetby)
Licence Area 91.8km2
Location Lincolnshire
Operator Angus Energy
Angus Interest 100%
Wells SF2, SF4, SF5, SF6, SF7, SF8

The Saltfleetby Gas Field is located onshore UK in licence PEDL005, producing gas from East Lincolnshire.

The field was discovered in 1996, producing gas from both the Westphalian Sandstones and Namurian reservoirs and was, upon discovery, the largest onshore gas field in the UK, with a GIIP of 114 BCF.

Production began in 1999 at rates exceeding 50 MMScf per day, with produced gas, water, and condensate piped via a 10” pipeline to the nearby Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal (TGT). Here it was processed and sent into the National Grid. Eight wells and several sidetracks have been drilled on the site.

In 2017 TGT was shut down, leaving the field stranded with nowhere to process the produced gas and no direct export route. Angus Energy acquired a 100% interest and operatorship in the field in May 2022 and built a new processing facility on site. The facilities ensure gas is at the required pressure, temperature, and specification to be sent to the National Grid, and also include a new export pipeline of some 750m, to connect the field directly to the National Transmission System.

Following successful reconnection to the National Grid, Angus recommenced production from the site in August 2022. Initial estimates of the remaining recoverable gas and condensate exceed 30bcf, with production achieving an average daily flow rate of 5.2 mmscfd and a peak flow rate of 5.7 mmscfd in the month of September 2022. This flow rate is expected to increase with the installation of a new compressor, doubling capacity at the site.

Development of the field includes the drilling of new side-tracks, and also investigating the potential of the Southern Lobe.