Hydrogen is a zero-carbon gas that when burned produces just heat and water, helping to tackle the nation’s high heat demand in a sustainable way. The Committee on Climate Change has determined that the use of hydrogen in our energy system is necessary to reach Net Zero.

The installation of SoluForce thermoplastic pipe (which is a hydrogen tight material) as part of our reconnection project of Saltfleetby to the National Grid is a great advancement in UK gas infrastructure technology,  enabling a smooth transition to using hydrogen in the future if hydrogen blending is distributed nationally into the grid.

As our Saltfleetby field is directly connected to all of the production facilities on the Humber, it has the potential to bring benefit to the Humber Hydrogen Initiative whether as a feedstock source or a potential storage field for hydrogen or CO2 once the remaining natural gas has been produced.  Angus would like to explore and assist in the industry’s general efforts to improve the efficiency of conversion of methane to hydrogen.