The Bruce Watt Memorial Scholarship

Learning changes lives and we would like to help.

Angus Energy plc has established a yearly scholarship fund of £10,000 per year to support students from Bognor Regis and the surrounding community to undertake further academic studies beyond secondary school.

Whatever you are hoping to study, Level 3 or above, from NVQs to your Doctorate you can apply for a scholarship which could pay you up to £10,000 towards your costs. The number and value of scholarships awarded from the fund will vary each year.

Bruce Watt

Our first employee, Bruce Watt, passed away at the age of 46, leaving a family and two young children. The scholarship fund, has been named in his memory.

Bruce’s daughter Emily said – “My Dad really valued education, both for the betterment of self and for the future. He loved taking opportunities and worked hard to help others. He would be pleased to know that people are being given the chance to follow their dreams.”

Previous winners

Hear what our previous winners have to say about this opportunity

“The Bruce Watt Memorial scholarship was not one I felt particularly motivated to apply for, having just experienced a mental health crisis, followed by the announcement of a global lockdown. However, thanks to my English teacher’s encouragement, I did, and as a result am now confident in saying that being awarded the scholarship has truly transformed my first year university experience and enabled me to reach my full potential academically, studying a course I am fascinated by daily, at a university I adore!” – Kamila

“The Bruce Watt Memorial Scholarship was invaluable to me in allowing me to continue my studies. The trustees were extremely generous in their contribution and all correspondence was timely, friendly and informative. I am confident without their support I would not be in the position I am in now in being able to pursue my dream career.” – Adam

Who is eligible?

In order to be eligible to apply for this scholarship you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Attending a full time, course of study at an accredited UK Institution of Further or Higher Education in the 2023/24 academic year – Level 3 or above.
  • Be under 25 years of age
  • If you are applying for a scholarship at university level, you must have achieved BBB or above in your A-levels (or equivalent) or for postgraduate students 2:2 or above – proof of this will be required.
  • Have attended secondary school and/or currently reside in one of the following towns within a five mile radius of Lidsey:
Bognor Regis
South Mundham

Application Period

  •  Applications will open June 1st 2023
  • Applications close August 25th 2023
  • Shortlisted candidates will be notified by September 1st 2023
  • Shortlisted candidates will have 7 days to submit supporting evidence
  • Winners announced September 15th 2023

Eligibility criteria

This fund is only available to people in the categories listed below. Please do not apply if you are not in one of these.

Agriculture & related subjects students, Education & teaching students, English students, Environment students, Fashion students, Film & photography students, Finance & accounting students, Geography students, Journalism students, Architecture, building & planning students, Languages students, Law students, Marketing students, Mathematical sciences students, Media studies students, Nursing & midwifery students, Physiology & pathology students, Politics students, Art & design students, Psychology students, Software engineering students, Sport students, Technology students, Veterinary science students, Zoology students, Accounting students, Aerospace Engineering students, Anthropology students, Biological sciences students, Archaeology students, Chemical Engineering students, Civil Engineering students, Classical Studies students, Criminology students, Economics students, Electrical and electronic engineering students, Food science students, Game design students, Geology students, Hospitality, leisure, and tourism students, Materials science and engineering students, Mechanical engineering students, Midwifery students, Optometry students, Paramedic science students, Pharmacology, toxicology, and pharmacy students, Philosophy students, Chemistry students, Radiography and medical technology students, Social work students, Theology students, Music students, Computer science students, Dentistry students, Drama students, STEM students, Historical & philosophical studies students, Publishing, media, and information management students, Engineering students, Physical sciences students, Social studies students, Art students, Science students, Medicine & allied subjects students, Business, management & administrative studies students, College students, Foundation students, Undergraduate students, Postgraduate students, Location: England, United Kingdom.

Terms & Conditions

    1. Applicants for The Bruce Watt Memorial Scholarship agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. The sole sponsor of the scholarship is Angus Energy plc, Building 3, Chiswick Park, 566 Chiswick High Street, London W4 5YA
    2. No other alternatives to the scholarship will be offered and the scholarship is non-transferable.
    3. The award is a one-off payment. It may be offered to the same students, the following year, only after a new submission to the application process for consideration by the candidate.
    4. All applications must be completed and received in full by August 25th 2023. No consideration will be given to applications which do not meet all the conditions set out herein, which are incomplete or invalid, or which are received after the deadline.
    5. Angus Energy plc accepts no responsibility for applications that are lost, corrupted, damaged or delayed.
    6. All applications must be received via the online application form accessed via the link above and only one application will be accepted per applicant. If an applicant is found to have submitted more than one application, they will be disqualified.
    7. When you apply for this scholarship, your personal and contact information will only be used in relation to this application. It will be shared between The Scholarship Hub and Angus Energy solely for the purposes of administering the scholarship. More on the Company’s privacy policy can be found here
    8. In accepting the scholarship, the scholarship winner agrees to take part in any promotional activity to publicise the scholarship, as required by Angus Energy plc.
    9. Shortlisted Candidates will be notified by September 1st 2023, when they will be required to provide proof of acceptance on to the specific course for which they are applying for funding, proof of secondary school attendance and residence in one of the eligible towns, plus A-level grades where necessary. Candidates will be advised of the exact documents required at that time.
    10. Angus Energy plc reserves the right to decide how the scholarship money will be awarded. This will be decided on a case by case basis for each winner. Course fees paid by the student, a student loan or not yet been paid will be taken under consideration.
    11. The Scholarship applications will be judged by the selection committee on a discretionary basis on the merit of each applicant.
    12. The decision of the selection committee is final. Appeals will not be considered.
    13. Any winner found to have supplied incorrect, false or misleading information in their application at any time after the award will be liable to immediately repay any and all awards.
    14. This scholarship opportunity is not open to employees or the family of employees of Angus Energy plc.