Key Facts:

Licence PL235 (Production Licence)
Licence Area 8.9km2
Location Weald Basin, UK, Dorking
Operator Angus Energy
Angus Interest 80%
Partners Terrain Energy 10%, Brockham Capital 10%
Wells BRX2Y, BRX3, BRX4Z

Brockham regional location within the Weald Basin, southern UK

Angus Energy is the operator and majority partner of production licence PL235 located in the Weald Basin, onshore UK. Angus currently holds a 80% interest in the Brockham field.

The Brockham field was first discovered by BP in the late 1980’s and since then has a long history of production from the Portland Sandstone, a conventional sandstone oil reservoir. Production from the Portland Sandstone has continued since discovery in the 1980’s right up to the last few years. The field has undergone a steady and predictable decline in production rate as the asset has matured.

Currently the site has a water replacement pressure support well (BR3), a Portland Sandstone production well (BRX2Y) and the BRX4Z sidetrack. Angus Energy still sees significant value in the Brockham field, with continuing production from the Portland Sandstone, while also injecting produced water in the BR3 well to maintain pressure support in the reservoir and increase oil production.

In February 2017 Angus Energy drilled the BRX-4Z sidetrack to assess the prospectivity of oil production in the Kimmeridge Clay formation, a formation that had flowed oil from the Angus Energy drilled Horse Hill-1 well only a few miles away. Following drilling and testing it was confirmed that the Kimmeridge would not flow commercial volumes of oil.

Angus applied for and received planning permission for partial abandonment of the Kimmeridge and reperforation of BRX4-Z in the Portland, as well as permission from the Environment Agency in March 2022 to re-inject formation water, to maintain pressure in the reservoir and gain maximum hydrocarbon recovery.

In May 2022 production recommenced at Brockham, from BRX2Y well, which had been shut in since March 2018, at rates of 50 barrels of oil per day.